Digimon Quiz Plus

Digimon Quiz

Digimon Quiz+

Digimon Quiz Plus or in the Windows Phone Store Digimon Quiz+ is a small free trivia game.

Did you watch Digimon? Do you know what Digimon means?

This game is for all who loves the small Digital Monsters. The trivia game contains over 720 different picture from all the Digimon episodes, movies and games! Are you a real fan? If yes then it is a must-have game for you.

How to play this quiz game? Same system like Movies Quiz.

You have three minutes to guess different pictures. 4 possible answers and only 1 is correct! Answer as fast as you can to gain more points. Beat your own highscore! Be the best! More points at the end of the game – more coins you will get! The coins you can use for different joker. The 50 / 50 Joker is for removing two wrong answers and the time joker will add some extra seconds to your game time.

At the end you can also submit your score to an online worldwide highscore. Maybe you are the number one in the near future?

Download from the Windows Phone Store here.

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