Featured App and new Android Store

We have two news.

Our apps will be featured in the Windows Store.

We got exciting news. Our app Tamago World was featured on 1. June in Saudi Arabia Windows Phone Store.

Here are some screenshots.


That was a good push for our game and we got 1k downloads more on this day.

Some hours ago we received again a notification. Our game Tamago World is scheduled to be featured in the Windows Phone Store on 4 June. The market is Brazil.

Where in the Windows Phone Store apprear featured apps?

Depending on the operating system of your phone, the featured game appear in different locations:

On Windows Phone 8.0 the app appear on the phone in Store, Apps or Games hubs in one of the following slots:

  • One of the three big Icons
  • One of the eight Spotlights
  • Featured App / Game of the day

On Windows Phone 8.1+ the game appear under Featured Games in the Sore Quick Links section.

Using alternative android store

We decided to upload our game Water Splash Pong to 5 alternative markets.

1. Opera Mobile Store

Opera Mobile Store is a very good alternative Store. You can find Apps for Android, Windows Phone, Java, Symbian, Blackberry, iOS and HTML 5.

Here is the direct link to our game: Opera Mobile Store

2. Mobango

Mobango is a free mobile store for android apps and games.

You can find our game here: Mobango Water Splash Pong

3. SlideMe

SlideMe is like Mobango an alternative store for android.

For more information visit: SlideMe.org

4. Aptoide

Aptoide is an independent Android App Store ecosystem and allows developers easy to setup and manage their own small App Store.

Here is a link to our up: Water Splash Pong

5. 1mobile

1mobile is the smallest market but offers good games.

Here is the link to Water Splash Pong: 1Mobile.com