Freaky Math

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Freaky Math

Freaky Math is a funny and very addictive mini game for your Windows Phone and Windows 8.1!

Train your math skills and brain with this game! You can also improve your reaction time.

How to play?

  • You will see a simple calculation. For example 1+2 and a possible solution for this. For example = 4
  • You have two seconds to decide, is the answer correct or wrong?
  • For a correct answer you will get a point and see the next calculation. If you are wrong the game ends.
  • The Freaky Math Game contains three different game modes: Easy, Normal and Hard.
  • Beat your own score in all three modes and get better and better. Just play once a day to train your brain.
  • The windows phone game contains an online worldwide highscore. So you can compare yourself with other players and maybe be the number one player?

This funny game is for young and old. Test your math skills and see how good you are in simple math.

Download from the Windows Phone Store or from Windows Store and improve your math skills!

Here are some screenshots:

[appbox windowsphone 189453cb-00e2-444f-97a4-342bb203c115]

[appbox windowsstore bb7de8b2-dfbb-4d25-b67f-83a1498d44d9]