MoneyMaker  for you Windows Phone!

MoneyMaker is an awesome exciting endless clicker game.

This game is super easy and simple. Everybody can play it – young and old!

How to play?

Three words: Tap, tap, tap! Make money by clicking, taping or hitting on your phone. Tap as fast as you can to make more and more money. Save your money for different upgrades and buildings. Different buildings will give you extra money per second. Upgrade the buildings to get even more money per seconds (mps).

You can buy over 30 buildings and upgrade them. Also you can find different specials. For example the leprechaun or the money multiplier. Tap as fast as you can the leprechaun to make extra money.

Tapping will give you also experience points. Increase your level to get more money per tap. So higher level means higher income!

MoneyMaker for windows phone is an interesting free endless game. You can play it everywhere and every time.  For example at home, at school, by watching tv or waiting for someone.

You have also an online worldwide leaderboards. Become the richest person in the worldwide ranking!

Download now, don’t wait!

What say people about this game?

Lattelle: The game is asome i think its really fun

john: A really fun game that has great amusement and is a good game in genrall

Thomas t: Addictive… nohting else to say

Here is the full list of possible buildings you can buy:

  • Calculator
  • Wallet
  • Safe
  • Piggy Bank
  • Self Acting
  • Small Bank
  • Eco Industry
  • Credit Cards
  • Small Casino
  • Gold Industry
  • Own Goldmine
  • Sports Betting
  • Diamond-Trading
  • Middle Bank
  • New Transport
  • New Bookkeeper
  • New Investor
  • Oil Industry
  • Own Pipe-line
  • Big Casino
  • Own Town
  • New Tax-System
  • Big Bank
  • Shares-Genius
  • Own Island
  • Own Currency
  • Money Print
  • Own Continent
  • Leprechaun

The buildings help you to make faster money. They make money per second. With higher building you don’t even tap, just let make them the money for you!

Here are some screenshots of this epic game:


The app was not found in the store. 🙁 #wpappbox

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  1. i have some ideas maybe you can update:
    1. archievements
    2. offline mode , because i cant run over night
    3. more buildings or so
    4. option to turn off animation if possible
    5. show how many taps we need for next level
    thank you

  2. This game seemed really cool at first! After your fingers hurt of to much tapping 😀
    Maybe need autopress if holding.

  3. This is a superb money making app! I cant stop playing this shit 😀 😀 😀
    Would be nice if you could make an update or a new version for universal app. Windows Store is best!!!! Want play this on my windows 10 surface!!!

  4. Tap Click Frick Blick… PLEASE PLEASE make an new UPDATE!!!!!

  5. Howdy very cool web site and your cewl games! Guy .. Beautiful .. Superb ..
    I will bookmark your blog and take the feeds also?

    I hope you will make some new games! Cant wait!

    . . . . .

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