Shadow Picture Quiz


Shadow Picture Quiz

Shadow Picture Quiz for Windows Phone.

Shadow Picture Quiz is not a simple trivia game. You need to guess the shadow of a star, move, brand or town in a funny way. The quiz game is for young and old.

Guess the shadows of pictures like Simpsons, X-Men, Paris, Facebook or Twitter. This free game contains over 350 different shadow pictures in 8 level.

Shadow Picture Quiz is in 6 languages available: English, German, Russian, Spain, French and Italy.

How to play?

You have 8 level. To play the next level you need to guess 80% of pictures from previous level. You can use one of the three different joker if you don’t know the answer.

  • Hint: It will show you the category of the picture.
  • Delete: Use this to delete all wrong letters.
  • Solution: Show directly the solution.

To use a joker you need coins. You can earn coins by solving the pictures.

Download the game from the windows phone store.

Some screenshots of this addictive game:

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  1. This game is AWESOME! I’ve waited for games like that for windows phone 7. Can you make more levels?
    a rank would be very nice to compare my score. maybe if you wrong you must start from begin or you must answer all in time.

  2. Better then Guess The Shadow ! On my windows phone 7 without laggin or bug! It is very difficult to find good games for windows phone 7. I hope you will make more games like that.
    Only one option is here missing. After you solve you could show the real picture of the shadow or maybe if i press hint just show a small part of the real picture. At the moment the hint joker is not really useful: Town, Character, Brand – lol , i see it self πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ for that i dont need a hint. Better need a letter or so.

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