Simpsons Quiz

Simpsons Quiz

The Simpsons Quiz

Simpsons Quiz for your Windows Phone 7 and 8!

This game is for all who saw the interesting American animated sitcom.

Not only for real fans who saw all the fantastic episodes. It is also for people who are interested in different characters of the Simpsons.

This windows phone game contains all the Simpsons characters of all episodes and movies! You need to know not only characters like Bart, Homer, Marge and Lisa Simpson.

This free game contains over 300 different pictures of this sitcom. Perfect for testing your knowledge or improve your skills. Can you remember the names of all the characters you will see?

With this special quiz you turn your phone into a The Simpsons quiz machine!

The game system is like at American Dad Quiz or Family Guy Quiz.

You have a specific amount of time to guess the names of the characters. Four possible names and only one name is the correct answers! For a correct answer you will get some points and the joker progressbar fills. A wrong answer will decrease your points.

You have also three different joker. The time joker will give you some extra seconds, the next joker skip a picture and the 50 / 50 joker will remove two wrong names.

The quiz contains also an online leaderboards. So you can submit your best score and compare with other players worldwide and be the number one!

You can download this trivia game here.

Some screenshots of this awesome game:

[appbox windowsphone 9wzdncrfj2pm]