Tamago World


Tamago World

Tamago World – a special game only for your Windows Phone!

Be prepared for this epic game, endless hours of action, entertainment and fun!

Tamago World is not a simple clicker game. At the beginning break the tamago world eggs by clicker or tapping on them. Catch the monsters and get the items, coins, jewels, keys and experience inside. Increase your level to visit new Tamago World islands, feed your monsters to increase level.

The World of Tamago

The World of Tamago

Collect all the different monsters from all 7 islands. Every island has its own monsters, eggs and items. You can find on every island three types of eggs: Normal, Rare and Legendary. Depend on the egg you can catch a normal, rare or legendary monster. Legendary monster are stronger than the others.

This free epic game offer you also a special item system. You can buy different items, to break the eggs faster, to find better items, to get more gold or get more exp. Every item can give you more Hit-Damage, Crit-Damage, Crit-Chance, Exp-Bonus, Coin-Bonus and Lucky-Bonus. You should combine the items wise to get better results!

  • Hit-Damage: The base damage per Tap or Hit
  • Crit-Damage: The multiplicative damage of Hit-Damage if you make critical damage on egg.
  • Crit-Chance: The chance to make a critical hit.
  • Lucky-Bonus: Increase the chance to find better eggs.
  • Exp-Bonus: Increase the experience you get after breaking an egg.
  • Coin-Bonus: Increase the amount of coins you receive after breaking an egg.

Maybe you will be the one who will find all the monsters?

After you have 10 different monster you can visit the fighting arena. In the arena you fight against other monsters by tapping or hitting on them. Your monster are your life (shield). The game choose automatically 10 monsters with the most life. It is better if you feed your monster before you go to the arena. In the arena you can win rewards like Exp, Coins, Jewels or Keys. With keys you can open different boxes where you can find other interesting items, coins or jewels. The arena is best place to farm jewels or keys and to show other players how good you are.

The Arena the best place!

The Arena the best place!

Some questions from players:

How to earn points?

You receive points after breaking an egg, beating a boss in the arena or increase the level of a monster.

What types of items you can find?

You can find three different types of items: Gray items are normal items, blue a rare items and golden are legendary items.

How can I earn fast coins?

Some islands have special eggs from those you can receive a big amount of coins. Before you break those eggs it is better if you change your items to items with the most Coin-Bonus. So you can receive more than 1m per egg.

How can I beat the first boss in the arena?

At first you need good items to make enough damage and enough life points. Increase the level of your best monsters before you go to the arena.

Download this epic game here.

Some screenshots of this free game:

[appbox windowsphone 9nblgggxwz2r]