Water Splash Pong

Water Splash Pong – a very addictive epic game for your Android and Windows Phone device!

Prepare for a special new game in a funny retro style. Water Splash Pong is a simple arcade mobile game. This game is very challenging combination of the cult game Ping Pong and a Tapping game.

Water Splash Pong

Water Splash Pong

The player start with a green bird. Bounce with your bird up and down. Try to collect many golden eggs as you can. But be careful! Avoid the hungry and very dangerous sharks. By clicking or tapping the player can change the direction of his character. Try to get the highest score.

With the collected eggs the player can unlock more characters. For example a small crazy pig, angry bird or a small sweet cat.


A lot of different characters!

Water Splash Pong tests and improve the players’ reflexes and his tapping skills. The player must full concentrate to avoid the red and blue sharks and collect the golden eggs.

This interesting app is perfect to kill time. You can play this game everywhere and every time. Improve your skills. Become better. Be the number one! Beat your own best score and compare with other players worldwide via an online leaderboard. So? Let’s swim and splish splash into the water!

Some tips and tricks:

You can change your name in the option menu. The default player name is “Player”. After changing your name, your last and best score will be reset. The golden eggs and the additional characters you can keep.

To get a lot of eggs to buy additional pets you must collect the golden eggs in the game. It doesn’t matter what score you reach at the end of the game.

To get a high score you must concentrate and sometimes also count. People say some sharks come in different waves and after some waves the enough time to collect some more eggs.

Red sharks are bigger but not so fast as the small blue one.

After beating your own highscore the game send your high score automatically to the leaderboards.

This game is available for Android 2.2+, Windows Phone 8+ and Kindle / Amazon devices.

You can download this game from the following sites:

Still here? Just download and try it yourself!

Some screenshots of this epic splishing game!

[appbox amazonapps B00Y2S00RY]

[appbox windowsphone 9wzdncrd1xcm]